About me

Hedwiga Wood (also known by Hedwig or Heddy) lives in Cleveland Ohio with: The love of her life, a dramatic hound, and a cat assistant.

     Enthusiastically drawing as far back as she can remember, Hedwiga spent her childhood doodling ball gowns, serpent monsters, and flowers on most paper received. In recent years she has taken to 3d design to broaden her skill range and creative possibilities. 

     Hedwiga serves people looking for tension in design, something to make people stop for a few more seconds to consider what they're looking at. Kind of like a game, but for the eyes. She offers consultation and design in 2d and 3d. Due to an insatiable desire to know more, Hedwiga is highly knowledgeable in art history, composition, color theory, 3d design and branding.

Hedwiga has done a few commissions, some art shows, but hopes to grow her list of clients.

      She hopes to impart three things in her work and daily life: detail, creativity and passion.


The key to creating stunning images is in the little details.

Any problem can be solved with a creativity.

Any mountain can be climbed with the fire within. 

working hours are weekdays, 8am-4pm